The Riders of Rohan


Although this blog will contain a mixture of different offerings, one of the main things I’m keen to produce is custom content for some of the games, mostly the Living Card Game.

With that in mind, for my first proper post, I thought I’d bring you all some cards for the Rohan faction. As we await the Voice of Isengard, there are many hopes that Rohan will finally be developed as the fighting machine that so many of us know and love from the books and the films, rather than just a questing and location-control engine as we were given in the Mirkwood cycle.

In recent weeks, we’ve already seen some offerings along these lines – everyone’s favourite blogging Bear recently provided us with a Grimbold Hero card, and posted a Tactics version of Eowyn, as well as a Rohan version of Merry.

In light of that, I felt there were enough hero cards around (especially with Eomer on his way), but wanted to add in a few events and attachments to support the deck-type.

Below are 5 cards. One, the Snowmane card, is a modified version of one I put for a contest over at Cardboard of the Rings last spring – simplified a bit, following feedback I got there. The others are new.


The thing I was trying to capture here, is the sense of the incredible destructive power that Rohan is able to bring to the Pelennor, but with a high cost to themselves – I didn’t just want to make these cards expensive in resources, I wanted there to be a real element of built in risk.

The last card- “We left none alive” was designed to fill a niche that I think tactics is really lacking, threat control. I wanted a way for a mono tactics player to manage their threat, which still felt true to what tactics was about. This seemed to make sense. If all the enemies are dead, who is going to be carrying report of our heroes’ actions back to Sauron.

I hope you enjoy these, do let me know any thoughts you have.


4 thoughts on “The Riders of Rohan

  1. Master of Lore

    Very cool, especially Fey Mood and We Left None Alive. My weakness in reviewing cards is that I appreciate the thematic side, but often miss some easy strategic point that makes a card overpowered or broken in niche cases. As far as I can tell though, these look fun. Do you actually play with your custom cards or just mock them up for fun?

    1. Dor Cuarthol Post author

      I like to use them a bit – will be putting together an ArtsCow order soon for some of these, and some of Beorn’s recent offerings. That said, I’m always a bit wary of weighing in to a discussion where people are discussing a hard quest with a “well, I beat it easily with my made-up card.”

  2. Karlson

    I really like that “We Left None Alive” event. It is a very unique response, and I agree – since Tactics deck usually start out with crazy high threat levels, it would be nice to have some sort of in-sphere threat reducing player cards.

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