Know your Fins

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the news that the First Age expansion from Tales From the Cards was finally available.

My ArtsCow order arrived last week, and I’ve been playing through some of them over the weekend – it’s made me realise just how poorly I remember how everyone in the first age relates to everyone else.

as a bit of a cheat-sheet, I’ve made these little family trees – obviously there are first age family trees all over Wikipedia, but these are specifically designed for the Card game, using the art from the cards, and borders reflecting the sphere the card is in. Hope people find them useful.

1. Beren and Luthien


2. Huor & Hurin


3. Fingolfin & Finarfin


4. The Sons of Feanor

(I nearly didn’t bother with this one, as it’s quite straightforward, but just for completeness sake)



3 thoughts on “Know your Fins

  1. shipwreck

    This is helpful. I’m reading the Silmarillion again for the fourth or fifth time and I still keep a finger on the page with the Noldor family trees.

  2. Master of Lore

    Yes, I’m constantly checking reference materials as I read as well. One of my hopes for playing Ian’s First Age expansion is to solidify these character’s relations and characterizations. Thanks for these awesome aids!

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