Decks of Autumn: The Old and the New

Denethor and Sons Revisited Back in August, I shared that I had been attempting a tri-sphere Gondor deck that would make use of the talents of Denethor and his sons. After a few early attempts, and a little bit of tweaking, this became my first ever deck to be posted onto Rings DB. I only […]

Arise now, Riders of Theoden

Just before Christmas, I finished re-reading the Lord of the Rings book, something I hadn’t done for a few years. As always, I was struck by just how powerfully written the chapters Ride of the Rohirrim and the Battle of the Pelennor are: the descent of those riders onto that field of battle, the glory […]

Who’s That Girl?

The most recent release for Lord of the Rings the Card game, was Escape from Mount Gram, which comes complete with a new Lore hero, the Silvan elf Rossiel. Rossiel is the 7th Hero in the game to exist only in world of Fantasy Flight – Thalin, Beravor and Eleanor are shared with their earlier […]

Surge – Part 1

Sooner or later in this game, it seems that everyone has to confront the question of surge. Most blogs, podcasts, or even normal forums users have run into the question at some point. There is certainly a feel that the number of cards which surge has increased since the beginning of the game, but I […]

Sticking Around

I’ve mentioned a few times in recent posts the idea of a “characters not leaving play” mechanic – whereas the Rohirrim or the Silvan have various effects which key off of characters bouncing in and out of your deck or hand, I wanted to see something which would reward you for leaving characters in play. […]

Levelling Up

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently, at the end of March (it being my birthday) I decided to pick up the Pathfinder Card Game. Like LotR it’s a Fantasy, Adventure, Card game, and I’d heard some positive reviews about it. It’s also co-operative, which is always a bonus, as it reduces the misery attendant […]

Ordinary Heroes

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’ve been playing quite a bit of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game recently. At its most basic level, it has a lot in common with the Lord of the Rings LCG.- it’s a cooperative Fantasy Card game, with a bit of deck-building involved, and the players working […]