The Old and the New

“Where did you go to, if I may ask?’ said Thorin to Gandalf as they rode along. To look ahead,’ said he. And what brought you back in the nick of time?’ Looking behind,’ said he.” Some thoughts on both of Fantasy Flight’s Cooperative LCGs About 6 or 7 years ago now, I used to […]

Places We’ve Been – Part 2

Khazad-Khazad! Last time out, I thought a little bit about the locations we saw in the Core Set and the first cycle of the game. Today I want to look at the next period in the game’s evolution: Khazad-Dum and the Dwarrowdelf Cycle, along with the 2 Hobbit Saga Boxes Technically, the second Hobbit landed […]

Peering in to the Palantir

A few thoughts on what the near future has in store for Lord of the Rings the LCG…   I haven’t managed to get quite where I wanted to with any of the next few articles I have in the works, but I didn’t want to fall off of the wagon already for the promised […]

The Ins and Outs of Deck-Building – Part 1

  When you build a deck, whether that be in LotR LCG or any other game of this type, there are (broadly) two things you need to do. You need to figure out which cards you need to put in your deck to make it work You need to decide which cards you need to […]

Something Fishy This Way Comes

As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, when I get stuck on a quest, particularly in solo, I have one major default strategy to fall back on: throw many dwarves at it! The dwarf archetype got a lot of love around the Dwarrowdelf Cycle/Hobbit Saga period, to the point where it was possible to […]

When the Going Gets Tough

Or “101 ways to stop you from killing an enemy” In the beginning there were enemies. They had defence, and they had hit-points: as far as killing them went, that was basically all you needed to know. In the days of the Core Set, there was only a limited amount of attack available. No character […]

Taking the Difficulty project to Isengard

(…gard, gard, gard)  Last week, I finally got the pages up for the difficulty project, to actually display the ratings on. A combination of my own lack of computing skills, and the sheer awkwardness of the WordPress software that kept turning pages into posts had defeated me for rather longer than seems probable. Stepping back, […]