Dor Cuarthol, the land of bow and helm, was the name which Turin, son of Hurin gave to the land over which he and Beleg Strongbow “ruled.” Initially, Turin led a small band of outlaws, who took him for their leader after he killed the man who had led them before. However, as the renown of his band grew, ever larger numbers of men who would fight the Orcs came and joined him, until he had many camps.

This growth in fame led to his downfall, as it ensured that Morgoth heard of “Gorthol” the dread helm, and identified him as the son of Hurin. He then sent bands of Orcs who, thanks to the treachery of Mim the petty-dwarf surprised Turin in his lair, capturing him, and dispersing or killing his followers.

Blogging from my own distant land, far away from the fresh releases of card games, known in the common tongue as “England” I’ll be sharing thoughts on the various board and card games of Middle Earth.

If you’re interested in games more generally, check out our companion blog Fistful of Meeples, which takes a broader view of the hobby.

Keep checking back for a mixture of reviews, musings and custom content on the games inspired by Tolkien’s works

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