Games of Middle Earth

Fittingly for a world that has as much time and energy invested in it as Middle Earth, there are a vast number of games out there allowing players to visit various different aspects of Professor Tolkien’s creation.

Here are some of the games I’ll be talking about on the site. I’ll add links here to more detailed articles and reviews as I write them.

Lord of the Rings (Renier Knizia, Co-op)
Early Co-Op game where players are swept along in Hobbity fashion.

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game
Living Card game where players co-operate to defeat an encounter deck representing the forces of Sauron, and attempt to complete various quests.

Middle Earth Quest
Epic board game set between Bilbo’s Birthday party and the War of the Ring. 1 player is Sauron, whilst the others oppose them.

Lord of the Rings the Dice Building Game
Defeat the forces of Sauron by rolling dice.

The Hobbit (Card Game, Martin Wallace)
A short game based on Hearts, but with Hobbit pictures. Use the tricks you win to damage enemies or heal yourself.

Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit, but with questions about LotR. There’s also a Nazgul who will come and eat your wedges.

A Semi-Co-op, where players are the Nazgul, trying to stop the Hobbits from getting the ring to Mount doom.

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